A New Day

My first blog post on my new website! Yay!

Perhaps you know that I blogged for several years at Writeonsisters.com. and although I loved it, there seemed to be a change in vision among the five of us and several of us moved on. I’ve since acquired a publishing contract at The Wild Rose Press and for the past year I've been focused on launching my first novel, THE WIVES OF LUCIFER. It’s a trilogy and I’m just about done editing the second book and hope to submit it soon.

So I’ve been away from blogging and anxious to get back in the game. I’ll post each Friday and welcome a conversation with my readers and fellow authors. I’ve only been in the writing community for about eight years, but have made many new friends and I'm proud to call myself a member of such a wonderful group of people.

The writing is fun and easy for me but the writing business is hard. Queries, rejections, pitch conferences…where I was once so humiliated by an agent that I went home and didn’t get out of bed for an entire day. I swore (and I did swear like a sailor that day) that I was done with writing for good. Not proud of the person I was that day. How could I allow some stranger to make me question my story to that extent? The day I landed at The Wild Rose Press was one of the best days of my life. They are the kindest, most supportive people I’ve had the privilege of knowing in this business.

I plan to give new life to some of my old posts, revising based on the new knowledge I’ve acquired. It’s funny reading some of the comments I made a few years ago while still in pursuit of a contract. I’m happy to share these with you and we can all have a good long laugh.

I hope you’ll follow me on my continued journey. As I reflect, I realize that I spent so much time writing, editing and pitching that once I signed a contract I sighed in relief thinking I was done…I’d finally arrived. Then, I realized now I had to worry about sales and marketing. I’d only completed one leg of my journey and have simply begun another.